Webwatcher is a tool to monitor your business on the web in real-time. It is monitoring everything around your brand locally so you are always up-to-date, and know what is going on.


We are working hard on the first iteration. One of the things in which we wanted to focus was to make the experience pleasurable not only for advanced users but also for amateurs, as a result, one of the main goals was creating a simple interface, easy to manage for every user. The second goal was to create whole visual language - from the branding, web site, responsive web app.

Research & Testing

Webwatcher is on a very early stage - we weren't able to do much with testing. With limited possibilities in that matter, we tried to collect as much as possible pieces of information by making interviews with companies that were potentially interested in the product.

The beginning

We were building this product from scratch so we had to start from making the branding. We end up with basic visual language which was enough to start working on the product.

Early stage

To have better understanding of what we want to achieve we started from preparing basic wireframes allowing us to explore layouts, develop some visual ideas.

Making Web Application

We wanted to focus on the clarity of the interface to make it clean and easy to understand. We made a flat, not very complex flow - the user can pick the module and then simply add it to the project, as a result, we end up with flows that users can accomplish in just a few clicks.

Making mobile version

Based on our research we knew that our users will mostly use the app on larger screens but anyway we wanted to provide them best possible experience on their mobile devices.

Current status

The product is still on it is an early stage - we would love to release an app with at least three modules. For now, we are starting with the beta tests for the first two modules called "It Works" and "Commenty". For our beta testers, we made a landing page where they can find more details about the modules. Right now we are focusing only on polish market.