Tagger is an Influencer Marketing Platform by which you can discover Influencers, plan & manage your campaigns.


I'm working with Tagger from almost three years now mainly cooperating on improving their SaaS platform dedicated for Influencer Marketing campaigns. We decided that during the UI improvements which we made on the platform part it is also a good time to update the website which was not very consistent with the Brand. There were a few goals - changing illustration style which will play better with the photos, adjusting the style of the website to the Branding, updating the overall copy, and improving the website map.

Early stage

We started by making wireframes of the website in Figma what was also helpful with preparing the copy before we moved to design phase.

Final design

We end up with a few screens of the fully responsive website based on Forestry CMS thanks to which it is easy for Tagger team to manage the website content.