First 11 sensors are dedicated for amateur and professional soccer players. It gathers data like a number of kicks, passes, sprints, sprint distance, kick speed, and others which are helpful to improve soccer player skills.

The project was created in Summer Agency - software house focused mainly on creating innovative products by providing complex solutions. They have a really impressive multidisciplinary team of engineers, programmers, industrial designers with which it was really a pleasure to work.


It was the first iteration so we were mainly focused on delivering the product to the users by providing the best experience. We had to also work closely with engineers who were developing the sensors.

Research & Testing

We got lucky to cooperate on developing the whole product closely with the Cracow Soccer Teams so we were able to improve the overall experience based on their feedback. ‍

Final Results

We end up with the app dedicated for both Android & IOS users, web social platform for soccer players where they was able to share their achievements and a new website created mainly to sell the sensors.